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Fan Spotlight: Andreas Nietmann

By KW United FC, Drew Yates, 09/15/17, 8:45PM EDT


Andreas Nietmann has been a loyal fan of K-W United FC since the beginning.

Since the club moved from Hamilton to Kitchener-Waterloo, Nietmann has supported the club from the very start. After finding out that the club was coming to town, Nietmann was excited about the news. Soon, it became a ritual to attend games with his daughter over the last two years.

During that time, Nietmann got the chance to get familiar with the club. He recalled the days when he first started watching soccer, first with his father when he was younger, and now with his daughter. He got to know various members of the K-W United organization, as well as the team itself. So far, Nietmann has gone to every single home game, except for three - when he was on vacation.

"It was very nice to have a local team," he said.

Over the years Nietmann grew close with many of K-W United's players - and in turn it opened his eyes to the entirety of the Professional Development League. Nietmann said that his support for KW United affected his life outside of soccer in many ways, including an increased awareness of the teams and players in the Great Lakes Division. He is also friends with K-W United alumni Jay Chapman and Diamond Simpson on social media.

" I have become much more aware of the teams and players in our division.  I have been following the progress as they advance in their careers," he said.  "I have made friends with other supporters.  I wear my KW United t-shirt a lot and when asked about it,  I happily tell about the team and promote it in my small way."

That being said, his support doesn't start and end on game days. Nietmann also does a lot of other little things to show his support to the team - most of the things he does, people don't know that he does. To Nietmann, it's the subtle things that matter the most to him - the subtle ways that he shows support to his favourite soccer club. Even at his job as a project manager for Otterstone Industries, he happily tells everyone where his loyalties are. And when the next game is. 

"I do a lot of subtle support things that people don't really know about," he said. "Which is why I'm wearing the K-W United jersey. But for me. I know what I'm doing. The away jersey because they just played away. People know that I support them."

If there's one thing that the club can rely on, it'll be to see Nietmann on game day, in the centre field stands, shouting "Let's go K-W United!" as soon as the game starts.