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Player Spotlight - Liam Callahan

By KW United FC, Drew Yates, 08/18/17, 1:15PM EDT


K-W United may not have got the result they wanted over the regular season, but they still finished strong, with an overall record of 9-4-1 and second-place in the Great Lakes division, including a trip to the Central Conference semifinals. A big part of the team's success was the leadership of their captain, Liam Callahan.

Callahan ended the season with a goal and four assists over 14 games, and says his most memorable moment for this season was during that first game, when he scored in K-W United's home opener against the West Virginia Chaos.

"Scoring in our home opener in our game against West Virginia was very memorable for me because it's not often I score goals," the defender said.

Callahan's plan on game days has become routine: he starts with a hearty breakfast in the morning before he goes down to the gym at Wilfrid Laurier University and warms up on the bike. Afterwards, he'll return to the dorms and have a snack, followed by a mid-day nap. Finally, right before the game, Callahan will have a coffee.

And when it's game time, Callahan is ready to leave it all on the field and play.

"I'll show up to the game field, and at that point, I put my stuff on, put my headphones on and block out everything until the game starts," he said.

The club didn't need too much motivation before gametime. Callahan said that the team usually does their own thing before the players convene and he takes over.

"With experience, everyone has their own thing that they do before games," he said. "Then before the game, we have our roundup and that's when I take over to get the team going"

Despite the obstacles that the club faced this season, Callahan said that in general, the club was pretty good at bouncing back from losses, and that one of the most important things to know is that they are not going to win every game. The example he gave was when the club suffered a 3-2 loss to the Michigan Bucks away on July 5 when they came back from three goals down.

"We played extremely well. [I made] sure the guys know that we're still a very good team and we can go far in the offseason, and we're not going to win every game, but keep your head up and when practice comes up again to keep working hard."